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Our Vision - we fight injustice

Pension Annuities Helpline is committed to helping people claim the money they are rightfully owed.

We place the customer at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to delivering a valuable service and provide legal and claims expertise in areas including Pension Annuities, and PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) claims. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people and claimed back over £120 million for our customers.

Like us, you’re probably disappointed to learn that pension companies may have mis-sold pension annuities to retirees. We understand that it can be quite daunting to think you may not have received the money you deserved, but it has happened to thousands of people across the UK. And like them, you could claim back £1000s.

Pension Annuities Helpline can help by providing support and assistance to people who have been mis-advised on their pension annuity and not got the income they deserved.

We know that investigating and negotiating an annuity rebate can be complex and time consuming. Let us take the hassle away. Our experts will deal with the relevant legal or financial institutions, gather the information required and negotiate a one-off rebate to compensate for the fact you didn’t get the best annuity rate in the first place. Negotiating a rebate will not affect your current or on-going pension annuity income in any way.

Our fees are transparent, with no hidden charges. We work on a No Win No Fee* basis - which means if we are not successful in negotiating a rebate on your behalf, there is no cost to you. We never charge any fees upfront. We do all the work and you don't pay a penny until the lump-sum rebate is awarded. Read what our customers have to say about us...

Mrs Hayes - £10,000

The first claim paid out within a month and all in all PPI Claimline settled seven claims on our behalf totalling nearly £10,000. The settlements have changed our lives!

My partner and I took out about 12 loans to buy things like a car, a new kitchen and PVC windows and we never even realised we'd been sold Payment Protection Insurance. The PPI was unnecessary, as I was self-employed and he had a pretty safe job in security. We contacted another company and decided to let them fight our case but over a year later, nothing had happened. That's when I found PPI Claimline, who were absolutely brilliant.

J. Williams - £2,850

I was really happy with the outcome.

When I took out my loan with my bank, I specifically asked for PPI to cover me if I was ill or made unemployed. They didn't tell me it was possible to get insurance elsewhere, or that I could get it cheaper - I simply wasn't given the full information.

I paid the loan off and so didn't think I had a claim, but when I spoke to the advisor at PPI Claimline I realised I'd been mis-sold the payment protection insurance after all. I had just closed my business so I couldn't have coped with claiming by myself. PPI Claimline made the process simple - I just had to sign the documents and send them off. It was much easier than doing it alone.

I received a settlement of £2,850 gross and I was really happy with the outcome - I would definitely recommend going to PPI Claimline if you think you might have a claim.

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0800 389 1330

If you think your pension annuity may have been mis-sold, send us a brief note and we will contact you directly to discuss whether you may be entitled to a rebate.

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Customer Charter

These are our principles and guidelines.

We will endeavour at all times to provide you with excellent service in the management of your claim by:

  • Dealing with you openly and honestly
  • Supporting you fully through the claims management process
  • Providing a fast and efficient service
  • Giving you the benefit of our legal, claims management and financial experience
  • Providing a comprehensive complaints procedure (although we hope you won't need to use it)
  • Dealing firmly with providers which have mis-sold products or services, to obtain the best possible settlement for you